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#Fintastic Education from Finland!

Over the past months, I’ve learned how big of a demand there is for proper information about Finnish education system, policies, practice and the key questions we ask (mainly from ourselves)…

Also, how does Finnish education system differ from those of other Nordic countries, in the Gulf, not to mention in Asia or Anglo-American systems? It differs. Believe me.

Also words count. I’ve been reading through Finnish Ministry of Education’s (my employer) brochures and then tried to think how our system or more, even individual words are understood. Good example, when we say that teachers are highly respected in Finland (only 10% of applicants are accepted to Teacher education in the universities, everyone in the society appreciates teachers the way the work … etc. etc.) Then I read a blog by a teacher coming from one Asian country, and her thoughts on how teachers are respected in Asia. Respect in Asia, seems to mean that teachers are the highest authority in the classroom and not a word is doubted. What (s)he says is what the students are supposed to do. The same in Finland is understood so, that teachers’ are autonomous in their work, no external tests are needed to rank the teachers (nor students or schools). Trust and respect go hand in hand. Parents are happy to leave their children to ANY school in Finland and again, respect the work that is achieved in schools.

More info about the policies & key questions and good practice will follow. I need to consult my 7-year old son first, on his thoughts on his teachers and schooldays…