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The fall was one heck of a ride…

Since my previous post here, I have been busy looking for profitable partnerships for Finnish educational companies. The rally began in Rio in August. Countless contacts were made during the Rio Olympics. For the first time Finland had set up a hospitality house at the olympics – Education being the other theme, next to cleantech. In just three days we made a lot of work and established new contacts with the local companies.

In September I headed to Haiti for a (second) ”full” mission. The aim is to start assisting the country from the bottom – so we have initiated an interesting project to establish proper early childhood practices in the country. we co-operate very closely with the ministry of Education MENFP. Prospects looking good already, yet the current situation is somewhat demanding. The third mission took place in november, but this time without me. I’ll be there again next year. Strengthening the MoE capasity is a top priority.

In October I was participating a well organised Team Finland visit to the Gulf. My second visit to the area. In just over five days I managed to fit in very fruitful discussions in Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A lot more will follow from this visit. Very good partners and bright minds…


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